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Tribute Kalm Ultra

Tribute's Kalm Ultra

Tribute’s Kalm Ultra is a high fat feed used for mature horses in training or as a maintenance feed. Kalm Ultra contains direct-fed microbials for improved overall gut health of your horse. This high fat feed is lower in sugar and starch for a calm performance without loss of energy or condition. Kalm Ultra is an all pellet feed so your horse can’t sort out the important minerals which helps make it great for your hard keepers or horses that just need a little more cover on them before winter.

SportMix Hight Energy Adult Mini Chunk
SPORTMiX® High Energy Adult Mini Chunk 26/18

SPORTMiX® High Energy Adult Mini Chunk 26/18 is formulated for adult dogs that require extra protein and fat in their diet due to their level of activity or living environment. SPORTMiX® High Energy Adult Mini Chunk is formulated with supplemental flaxseed which helps ensure an improved Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acid balance, promoting healthy skin and coat.

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