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Tribute’s Kalm N EZ 

Tribute’s Kalm N EZ is a low-starch 14% protein feed formulated for all classes of mature horses. It can come in a textured or pelleted form with an 6-8% fat and a 20% fiber that is excellent for hard keepers and senior horses. Both Kalm N EZ formulas have between a 14.3% and a 16.6% starch perfect for horses requiring less sugar and starch in their diets, those who are hyperactive or have metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, laminitis, ulcers, obesity, or tying-up issues. Kalm N EZ is a no corn, no molasses formula fortified with a pre-and probiotic to improve overall gut health. This high fat, high fiber, and low sugar/starch feed is designed to give you calm performances without the loss of energy or condition!

High Protein SportMix SPORTMiX Energy Plus

SPORTMiX Energy Plus is a meat meal based feed formulated for highly active dogs that require a maximum amount of energy. SPORTMiX Energy Plus is designed to help your dogs compete and withstand days of tough field trials while still promoting a healthy skin and coat. SPORTMiX Energy Plus has a 24% protein and 20% fat to help meet the needs of these high stress working dogs. For more information on the ingredients and SPORTMiX’s other products visit

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